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Ambassador Search

The 2022 Ambassador Search is officially underway! 

We are on the hunt for three remote creative ambassadors in BC or AB to join our rad little team of adventurers. 


You are a talented digital content creator with a passion to explore and an interest in working on your own time, in your own way. Always up for a challenge and for learning new things, you shine the brightest when you are outside in the fresh air embracing your adventurous lifestyle. While playing outside is your MO, you are keen to share your adventures and inspire others to get after their own and are social media savvy and inspired by producing strong digital content. You are social, connect with people easily, and are the first person to welcome someone new into the group because you believe that there are no strangers, only friends you have not yet met. You are relatable, charismatic, and kind.  


We are searching for three unique ambassadors across Alberta and British Columbia to spend five months working with us as part-time freelance creative brand ambassadors to create compelling content of your adventures. In exchange for showing off your summer exploring by capturing incredible photos and video to share on our feed, we will hook you up with a nice monthly stipend as well as a healthy cocktail budget to share our Pacific Coast Cocktails with your community.  

Your role will be to represent The Strait and Narrow Pacific Coast Cocktails as a brand ambassador. You will be responsible for showcasing the incredible lifestyle that we live as we remain compelled to explore the beauty of our western provinces. You will seek out opportunities to engage with other adventurers and share your stories, and theirs, via our social feeds. You will always be representing The Strait and Narrow as a respectful, compassionate, thoughtful, friendly, kind, and sustainably minded adventurer.  

Monthly Deliverables

  • 2 Reels/TikToks  
  • 3 curated stories  
  • 1 blog entry on our website & link the page  
  • Image and video bank (min 15 files)  
  • Twice a month 1-hour team meeting/cocktail (to share tales of past and upcoming adventures, discuss content creation ideas, and share a laugh and a Pacific Coast Cocktail with the team) 

What you get in return each month

  • You’ll get to be part of our rad little team of adventurers!  
  • $1000 pay 
  • A healthy Pacific Coast Cocktail budget 
  • S&N Gear (it’s Canadian-made, sustainable, and oh so sweet) 


We want you to show us how you are #compelledtoexplore. Demonstrate to us that you are an effective storyteller who understands social media as a medium for sharing and inspiring others to get after it. 

  1. Introduce yourself via a photo, video, or reel explaining who you are and why you are applying for the role. Be sure to tag us @thestraitandnarrow and use the hashtag #compelledtoexplore 
  2. Create a story to show us one of your typical adventures (a little après celebration to finish it off doesn’t hurt either 😉). Be sure to tag us @thestraitandnarrow in each of your slides and save the story as “S&N Application” highlight on your page.  
  3. Complete and submit the form below. 

* Note for us to view your application you must have a public Instagram page

Tips From Our Team  

  • We love stories that include a mix of photo and video content  
  • Video tips: Our team shoots most of our video content on cell phones, camera-quality video is not required! We’re on the hunt for authentic “living the brand” content, it does not need to be professional grade.   
  • Want to use our gifs? You can search “Strait and Narrow” on GIPHY in the Instagram app to view our collection of gifs  
  • In addition to your web submitted application, we will be evaluating your S&N Story and Static Post Application by the following metrics: creativity, brand alignment, quality, and storytelling.  

Did you upload your story and post to instagram? make sure to do so to complete your application!!

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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