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Nailed It! Gin Cocktail

Nailed It! is only around for the summer so make sure to grab it while you can!

While out adventuring sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned… like you end up a few thousand kilometers south. For those compelled to explore, we know the best stories come from the moments when we’ve really “Nailed It!”. Enjoy this tropical take on a Pacific Coast Cocktail.

Same-same, but different.

Nailed It! is a mix of authentic, juicy mango, with a hint of tangy passionfruit and a refreshing touch of mint.

we really nailed it with this one. 😉

head to your nearest store to find nailed it!

vancouver island

Store Location
17 Mile House Licensed Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Alberni Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Barclay Hotel Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Beacon Landing Licensed Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Best Buy Liquor Store (Campbell River)Vancouver Island
Beverly Corners Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Bird of Paradise Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Buffy’s Licensed Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Caddy Bay Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Campbell River LodgeVancouver Island
Canadian Liquor Cabinet LRS (Liquor Express Esquimalt)Vancouver Island
Canora Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Cascadia ColwoodVancouver Island
Cascadia Crown Isle.Vancouver Island
Cascadia Eagle CreekVancouver Island
Cascadia LangfordVancouver Island
Cascadia Liquor ParksvilleVancouver Island
Cascadia NanooseVancouver Island
Cascadia Quadra VillageVancouver Island
Cascadia Royal BayVancouver Island
Cascadia UptownVancouver Island
Chase River Liquor StoreVancouver Island
City Liquor Store Admirals (Four Mile)Vancouver Island
Cook Street Village Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Cork & Barrel Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Dwain’s Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Four Mile Liquor ColwoodVancouver Island
Glen Lake Liquor & MoreVancouver Island
Gorge Pointe Liquor StopVancouver Island
Greenrock Liquor StoreVancouver Island
James Bay Spirit Merchants (dba Spinnakers James Bay)Vancouver Island
King Edward Licensed Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Liquor Express ComoxVancouver Island
Liquor Express Harris GreenVancouver Island
Liquor Express KeatingVancouver Island
Liquor Express Six MileVancouver Island
Liquor Express TillicumVancouver Island
Liquor Express WilkinsonVancouver Island
Liquor Express YatesVancouver Island
Liquor PlanetVancouver Island
Liquor Planet IIVancouver Island
Liquor Plus Cobble HillVancouver Island
Liquor Plus Cordova BayVancouver Island
Liquor Plus CourtenayVancouver Island
Liquor Plus DuncanVancouver Island
Liquor Plus EstevanVancouver Island
Liquor Plus hillside Vancouver Island
Liquor Plus Saanich CentreVancouver Island
Liquor Plus West Sanich RoadVancouver Island
Liquor Store Esquimalt (dba Tudor House Liquor)Vancouver Island
Logans Cold Beer, Wine & Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Lucky’s Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Metro Liquor Brentwood BayVancouver Island
Mid Island Co-Op TimberlineVancouver Island
Mid Island Discovery Vancouver Island
Mid Island Liquor Berkeys CornerVancouver Island
Mid Island Liquor CrossroadsVancouver Island
Mid Island Liquor Departure BayVancouver Island
Mid Island Liquor NicolVancouver Island
Mid Island Liquor ParksvilleVancouver Island
Ocean Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Oxy Liquor ExpressVancouver Island
Oyster River Licensed Liquor StoreVancouver Island
PenCo Liquor LangfordVancouver Island
Prairie InnVancouver Island
Quinsam Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Red Lion Inn LRSVancouver Island
Shark Club Beer Wine SpiritsVancouver Island
Sidney Cold Beer & Wine StoreVancouver Island
Spinnaker’s Vic WestVancouver Island
Swans Liquor StoreVancouver Island
The Castle (Sooke River Hotel)Vancouver Island
The Landing Liquor Store (Nanaimo)Vancouver Island
The Strath Ale Wine & Spirit MerchantsVancouver Island
Thrifty Foods Liquor CourtenayVancouver Island
Thrifty Foods Liquor Store – Mill BayVancouver Island
Thrifty’s Liquor Store Tuscany VillageVancouver Island
Ucluelet Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Upper Ganges Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Vessel Liquor StoreVancouver Island
Victoria Liquor Depot (dba PenCo Liquor Saanich Plaza)Vancouver Island
Vintage Wine & SpiritsVancouver Island
Waddling Dog InnVancouver Island

greater vancouver

1st Avenue Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Bainbridge Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Bimini Neighbourhood Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Blundell Liquor TownGreater Vancouver
Broadway Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Burrard Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Crosstown Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Denman Liquour StoreGreater Vancouver
Eldorado Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
High Point Dunbar (dba New District)Greater Vancouver
High Point Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Legacy Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Lennox Liquor City SquareGreater Vancouver
Libations ShaughnesseyGreater Vancouver
O’Hares Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Princeton HotelGreater Vancouver
River’s Reach Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Sapperton Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Sunshine Hills Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
The Landing Liquor Store (Ladner)Greater Vancouver
Tobys Beer StoreGreater Vancouver
Tugboat Annie’s Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Viti Wine & LagersGreater Vancouver
Yaletown Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver
Riders Liquor StoreGreater Vancouver

intERIOR – OKANAGAN – Kootenays – NOrth

ARC Liquor KelownaInterior-Okanagan
Eastside Liquor CompanyInterior-Okanagan
Kettle Valley LRSInterior-Okanagan
Kettle Valley LRSInterior-Okanagan
Martin Street LiquorInterior-Okanagan
Metro Liquor Train StationInterior-Okanagan
Naramata General StoreInterior-Okanagan
Packers B&W (dba Commerce Liquor Store)Interior-Okanagan
Riverside Liquor StoreInterior-Okanagan
Short Stop Liquor StoreInterior-Okanagan
Stag’s Head Liquor StoreInterior-Okanagan
Summerland Liquor StoreInterior-Okanagan
TBC Liquor MerchantsInterior-Okanagan
Urban Liquor Store ClementInterior-Okanagan
Vernon Square Liquor StoreInterior-Okanagan
Cranbrook LRSKootenays
Grand Liquor MerchantsKootenays
Tipple Craft Beer WinKootenays
George Dawson Liquor StoreNorthern BC
Hilltop Liquor QuesnelNorthern BC
Inland Gifts, Liquor & BeerNorthern BC
Noble Spirits Liquor StoreNorthern BC
Twin Valley InnNorthern BC


Blueridge Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Central City Liquor Store 102nd AveFraser Valley
Central City Liquor Store 2 BridgeviewFraser Valley
Character’s Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Clayburn Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Garrison Wine & Liquor MerchantsFraser Valley
Jolly Miller LiquorFraser Valley
Liquor GiantFraser Valley
Little Mountain Liquor StoreFraser Valley
one20lrsFraser Valley
Promontory Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Sardis Liquor Store Fraser Valley
Sevenoaks LRSFraser Valley
Station Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Sullivan Liquor Store (64th Ave)Fraser Valley
Sumas Mountain LiquorFraser Valley
The Other Liquor StoreFraser Valley
Town Center Liquor StoreFraser Valley

sunshine coast – squamish – whistler

Blackcomb Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Community Spirits Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Eldorado SquamishNorth Shore-Whistler
Lighthouse Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Mountainside Liquor ShoppeNorth Shore-Whistler
North Shore Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Queens CrossNorth Shore-Whistler
Sea to Sky HotelNorth Shore-Whistler
Spirits of Mt. SeymourNorth Shore-Whistler
The Gull Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Whistler Liquor StoreNorth Shore-Whistler
Black Fish Licensed Liquor StoreSunshine Coast

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