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A Dedication to Quality

The idea to create The Strait & Narrow came from a sense of appreciation and a desire to innovate. We wanted to create something that was a true representation of our beautiful coastal scenery. Something that we could take with us on our adventures, to celebrate after a long hike, surfing session, or just a beach hang with friends.

This was the spark behind our Pacific Coast Cocktails. But when it came time to crafting our drinks, we knew that quality had to be at the base of every flavour. Luckily for us, quality is something that we are very familiar with.

We have over a decade of experience developing award winning gins and understood that this same process and dedication had to be put into making all The Strait & Narrow flavours. This is why, from the very beginning, we knew that every flavour had to be made with a custom gin, hand crafted with the best ingredients.  

The award-winning distilling team behind Empress 1908 Gin puts the same care and quality standards into making the unique gins for each of our pacific coast cocktails. Each gin is distilled with either rosemary, lavender, or rhubarb, all locally sourced in B.C. and combined with all the other botanicals to ensure a well-balanced, unique, and flavourful spirit that is the base of every Strait & Narrow

Unfortunately, this also means that the process takes a long time, which is why you won’t see a new flavour from us every month. We need to make sure that every new flavour we develop is a true representation of our brand, our community, and our beautiful coastal scenery that we call home.

Please Enjoy and Stay Safe!

– The Strait & Narrow Team

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