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Top Tips for Early Season Skiing/Snowboarding

Words and Images by @kaylaann.malone

#1: Be cautious of hazards

Do not be fooled by the fresh powder. There are many hazards that lie just below the surface during early season conditions. These hazards are rocks, logs, trees or branches that you can easily ride over or clip your equipment on. It’s important to cautious as you ride on ungroomed terrain and even ride with a buddy for safety.

#2: Take care of your body

Getting back into skiing and snowboarding means that you are probably moving your body and using muscles in a way you have not since last season. Early-season riding is also very hard on your body in general so remember to take it easy by stretching before and after your ride, taking rest days, or even going to a yoga class to keep your body from tightening up.  

#3: Be patient with others

This is something you should keep in mind throughout the season, but even more so at the start of the season, as riders may be easing themselves back into the activity and may feel like they are a bit rusty from the off-season. Be patient with all levels of riders as they learn to get their footing again. This may mean giving them extra space in a tight area or checking on those who are resting on the side of the run. These little things go a long way in making them feel comfortable and making the hill safe for all riders. 

Bonus tip: Remember to have fun! 

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