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Meet Hobbes

This is my dog, Hobbes. He’s a 10-year-old Finnish Spitz who loves to adventure, bird watch, and, above all else, bark.

This breed is famous for their barking ability and have been crowned King of the Barkers by the Scandinavian people due to their unique ability to bark up to 160 times per minute, which has ultimately landed them in the “bark-pointer” category of hunting dogs (a nice way of calling them “annoying”). While this would likely drive most people mad, I’ve come to see it for part of his character and it’s now merely another reason I love him. He’s a funny old man who’s so full of personality and, despite his age, is still young at heart and eager to play. 



Together he and I have covered a lot of ground – from climbing mountains in the Rockies to playing on the beaches of Vancouver Island, there’s never been a shortage of new adventures to be had and I’m always grateful to have him by my side. During the strange times of COVID-19, we have been doing our best to stay creative and find new ways to explore in our backyard and I truly can’t think of a better partner to be stuck in quarantine with.

Stay tuned for my next adventure with Hobbes, coming soon! 

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