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The Comfort Zone

This week has been one full of challenges, adventures, and good times. From climbing mountain tops to descending granite slabs, I really got out of my comfort zone while mountain biking in Pemberton.

At the start of this season, I purchased my first full suspension bike and have been putting it to good use all across the Okanagan Valley as I get reacquainted with the sport. After a few months of avid riding, I finally found the confidence to try keeping up with some of my more seasoned friends. And so, with this new found confidence and some epic plans to explore the Pemberton Valley on bike, I packed up the sprinter van and made my way to the mountains.

For my welcoming and a warm up, we started on a local classic named “Fat Tug” – it’s a steep climb filled with rocky switchbacks, skinny tracks, and never-ending technical terrain. When I reached the top I was out of breath, frustrated, and definitely humbled by my experience. Despite questioning what I had gotten myself into, we shared a few good laughs at the top while we padded up and prepared for a wild ride down.



As the week progressed, we tackled increasingly difficult terrain and what at first seemed daunting, turned out to be one of the best weeks of my summer so far. I pushed myself far out of my comfort zone while trying to keep up with my friends and by the end of the week I had worked up the courage to attempt the Fat Tug climb yet again, this time with far greater success. Although I still couldn’t clean the climb and found myself walking at times, I’d still call it a victory and to celebrate the boys and I cracked a few Strait & Narrows while we gathered around the barbecue to feast and recount our favourite stories from the week.



Getting out of my comfort zone, tackling new challenges, and connecting with friends is what continues to compel me to explore all around this great province.

What compels you to explore?


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